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The Regulation of the Power Sector

2 October 2017 – 12 February 2018

Learn about the unique characteristics of electricity and the regulatory issues these lead to, as well as the upcoming challenges that regulators and power utilities will have to address to de-carbonise the industry while ensuring security of supply and universal access to electricity.

Introduction to the Regulation of Gas Markets

8 November 2017 - 7 March 2018

A 12-week online course on the Fundamentals of Gas Markets Regulation. Topics: Economics of the Gas Market, Regulation Fundamentals and Gas Market design: the Policy Debate.

Regulation for Universal Access to Energy

New online course! 12 February – 25 June 2018

FSR as part of its global initiatives is offering an online course focusing on energy sector issues pertinent to developing countries. This course will enable the learner in gaining a comprehensive vision to design appropriate policy and regulatory framework needed to ensure sustainable energy for all.

Annual Training on the Regulation of Energy Utilities

2 October 2017 – 15 June 2018

The FSR Annual Training on Regulation of Energy Utilities is a comprehensive nine-month training on fundamental energy regulatory principles for professional practice, blending two residential workshops in Florence with an online programme focused on case studies and debate. 

EU Clean Energy Package

New online course! 8 May – 14 June 2018

This 5-week online course is composed of readings, videos as well as interactive and communicative online activities. Each week will have a comprehensive class with live interaction between the participants and the FSR instructors.

EU Electricity ‎Network Codes

10 October - 30 November 2017

A 7-week online course with readings, videos and interactive online activities. Each week will have a comprehensive class with live interaction between the participants and the FSR Instructors.

Connect with international energy specialists

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Andris Piebalgs

'I really loved the online course “Regulation of the power sector”.

The power sector is going through a transformation today. Europe’s Energy Union, liberalisation of the power sector, the growing part of  renewable energy in the energy mix provides for new opportunities in providing more sustainable energy supply. At the same time the role of 'smart' regulation is getting even more important. This course helps to go to the depths of power sector regulation. It is serious, interactive and require a lot of independent research in a chosen power system. I especially enjoyed the live classes at the end of each chapter.

I can recommend this course for all interested in power system management.'

Andris Piebalgs - former EU Energy Commissioner and Senior Fellow at the FSR

Expert training based on insightful research

The instructors at the Florence School of Regulation combine decades of teaching experience with deep insight into energy regulation

Ignacio Perez-Arriaga

Professor at Comillas University and MIT, Training Director at  Florence School of Regulation

Leigh Hancher

Professor of European Law at the University of Tilburg, of Counsel at Allen & Overy, director of EU Energy Law area at Florence School of Regulation

Leonardo Meeus

Associate Professor of Energy Markets at Vlerick Business School, Professor at Florence School of Regulation